Spreading Truth, Understanding and Love Through Music

Using funky rhythms and harmony as a tool and spirituality as their muse, 98.6 Band shares their undeniable peace and love for the people of the world through their music.

Powerful and inspiring, few bands embody the musical talent and vocal force that extends from the group. Each song is heartfelt and every performance is a testament to their love and devotion to their fans.

Imagine your life without ever having heard the music of Earth, Wind and Fire. That, my friends, would have been a shame and an incredibly missed opportunity for all who consider themselves lovers of music. Well, there is a true life story that closely mimics that scenario, a story of what was almost a missed opportunity. 

Almost, but not quite ...


Then read more ...

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"The 98.6 Story - A Dream Deferred"


A Dream Deferred, Pursuit Revived ...

This nation's capital music ensemble has recently reunited to renew pursuit of their dreams deferred since 70s decade. If this herculean endeavor of music recording industry fame comes to fruition, it would be an accomplishment rivaling the ancient mythical legendary feat of the:

"Phoenix Phenomenon!"