98.6 Mercury Records

Experiencing 98.6 with Funky Music


Today, 98.6 functions under the direction of "A Dream Deferred LLC", a Washington, D.C. based limited liability corporation created to develop and publish new music and to promote the talents of performing artists.

But even though 98.6 is a cohesive unit which functions with solidarity of purpose and oneness of direction, the performing group and team is currently composed of the exciting individual musicians and team members presented here:

Gary Thomas, lead and background vocals, keyboards

Willie H.R. Jolley, lead and background vocals, trumpet, and percussion

Bradley A. Thomas, lead and background vocals, soprano, and tenor saxes, flute, and percussion

David W. Sinkfield, alto, and tenor saxes, flute, percussion, and background vocals

Tony Smith, trumpet, lead and background vocals, and percussion

Charles "Chuck" Williams, lead and background vocals, and percussion

Ronald Thomas, drums, percussion, lead and background vocals

George W. Porter, lead and rhythm guitars

Kenneth L. Jones, bass guitar, and vocals

L. Steve Arnett, Keyboards, baritone sax, percussion and vocals

John Bracey, lighting, sound and logistics

Barry J. Washington, business and stage management and logistics


Meet 98.6 Band

During the mid nineteen seventies our band, under the exclusive management of Virginia Music Distributors, opened huge arena concerts of legendary R&B groups such as Kool and the Gang, The Ohio Players, The Manhattans, New Birth, The Chilites, Mandrill, Roy Ayers, Ronnie Laws, Millie Jackson and even Marvin Gaye.

The band toured towns in southern states of Virginia and the Carolinas in summer 1974, knowns as Unity, then introduced the name 98.6 to the public in December 1974 at a concert in Norfolk Va. headlined by Kool and the Gang.