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  • "98.6" (Theme)
  • Mercury / Phonogram Records
  • Written by B.A. Thomas c 1976

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Undiscovered, talented 1970's R&B/Funk/Disco/Jazz band named “98.6” has recently reunited to renew pursuit of "A Dream Deferred" for a period of nearly four decades! If this  herculean task of world renowned recording success is accomplished, it would rival the ancient mythical, legendary feat of "The Phoenix Phenomenon!"

Spring 2016 ...

Tribute to the First Lady of the United States of America - Michelle Obama!
98.6 has resurrected a musical work written by 98.6 band member Bradley A. Thomas in 1976 called "Ebony Lady". Now with the Obamas nearing the end of their term in the White House, 98.6 felt that this song would be a fitting tribute to the First Lady.


  • "Thanks to You"
  • Mercury / Phonogram Records
  • Written by G. Crockwell, Steve Arnett c 1976
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